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A message from the CEO, Nicoletta

Hello friends,

I would like to share an important story with you about Marco Viozzi designs.
During the summer of 2015, I visited my sister in El Dorado Hills, California. It was a beautiful morning and I was relaxing outside, gazing at the shimmering lake, and looking through some photos on my social media site. I came across the page of my cousin Marco Viozzi and was captivated with all of his cool artwork and sketches.

As I was staring at a photo of one of his designs, an idea started to emerge.
I love this and would really enjoy seeing this on a women’s t-shirt!
It was an ah-ha moment.

Soon after this one of my sisters came out and I told her what I was thinking about doing. With a big smile, she said absolutely, that would be "amazing". This was truly the seed of Marco Viozzi. After speaking with Marco and my other sister, we bonded and happily started working on building our own brand. I felt joy and excitement at this new venture for us as a family.

Here we are and super motivated to keep moving forward to bring you the best possible designs, products and shopping experience.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy your Marco Viozzi design. Come back again soon!

Love and Light